Sep 30, 2020 to Oct 02, 2020

San Jose, CA

Postgres Conference 2020 Postponed

Postgres Conference 2020 is the largest gathering about People, Postgres, Data. 

Percona has a significant presence at Postgres Conference 2020 conference on September 29 - October 02 with four presentations.

Ops and Administration track:
  • "Upgrading a Postgresql Database From a Legacy to Newer Version With No Downtime" by Avi Vallarapu
  • "Mostly Mistaken and Ignored PostgreSQL Parameters While Optimizing a PostgreSQL Database" by Avi Vallarapu
  • "A Detailed Understanding of MVCC and Autovacuum Internals in PostgreSQL" by Avi Vallarapu
  • "High Availability and Automatic Failover in PostgreSQL." by Avi Vallarapu
  • "Interesting 25 New Features in Postgresql 12" by Jobin Augustine
  • "Tune Your Linux Box, Not Just PostgreSQL" by Ibrar Ahmed

Development track:

  • "Deeper Understanding of Postgresql Execution Plan : at Plan Time and Run Time" by Jobin Augustine.
  • "A Deep Dive into PostgreSQL Indexing" by Ibrar Ahmed

Case Studies track:

  • "Why PostgreSQL is Becoming a Migration Target in Large Enterprises" by Jobin Augustine

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