Percona University Montevideo

Tuesday, April 23 2019

Beyond Relational Databases
Marcos Albé, Percona

Preparing for Disaster Recovery on MySQL and PostgreSQL
Carlos Tutté, Percona

Flamegraphs 201
Marcos Albe and Agustín Gallego, Percona

Choosing the Right Data Type for your Needs
Martín Arrieta, Fastly

Ten Things a Developer Should Know About Databases
Peter Zaitsev, Percona

Performance Review with Percona Monitoring and Management
Daniel Guzmán Burgos, Percona

TiDB 101
Fernando Ipar, Pythian

Untapping PMM's Full Potential: Features For Customizing It
Agustín Gallego, Percona

Improving Website Speed with Percona Server for MySQL and Docker Containers
Leonardo Erpi, Percona

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