Nov 07, 2016 to Nov 10, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

O'Reilly Velocity

Best practices for MySQL High Availability in 2016

The MySQL world is full of tradeoffs and choosing a High Availability (HA) solution is no exception. This session aims to look at all of the alternatives in an unbiased nature. Preference is of course only given to opensource solutions. How do you choose between: MySQL replication, MHA, DRBD, Tungsten, Galera Cluster? Do you integrate Pacemaker and Heartbeat like Percona Replication Manager? Is NDB Cluster right for your workload? The cloud brings even more fun as geographical redundancy is rolled into this. There are now even “modern” tools to assist in automation like Orchestrator, Consul, MariaDB MaxScale & MySQL Router. This and more will be covered in a walkthrough of MySQL HA options and when you will apply them.

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