Nov 10, 2020

Online - Panel discussion about modern Databases

Percona CTO Vadim Tkachenko will be an expert at the panel discussion about modern databases on November 10 at 19:00 GMT+02.
Panel discussion about modern Databases – MS SQL, Cosmos DB, My SQL, Postgress SQL. We will talk about databases, OSS, cons and pros of each database :) We will focus mostly on relational databased, but will also try to speak about NoSQL.
We invited experts are confident in the topic:
  • Vadim Tkachenko, MySQL expert – Percona CTO Labs, ex Performance Engineer at MySQL AB.
  • Bruce Momjian, Postgres DB expert – Vice President, Postgres Evangelist at EDB.
  • Dennes Torres, SQL Server expert – Brazilian software architect and Data Platform MVP living in Malta who loves SQL Server and software development and has more than 20 years of experience.
  • Radu Vunvulea, Cosmos DB expert – a technology enthusiast working as Group Head of Cloud Delivery for Endava.
Topic to discuss:
  1. Modern databases
  2. SQL vs NoSQL
  3. Cons and Pros
  4. Usage in particular cases

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