Oct 26, 2016 to Oct 27, 2016


All Things Open


October 26 - 4:30pm

By: Peter Zaitsev

Two exciting aspects of MySQL monitoring that require advanced data capture and visualization are diagnostics and capacity planning – understanding how the data helps resolve issues and using the data to plan future performance.

In this talk we’ll look at how diagnostics use data to resolve an immediate problem. We’ll review some of the most common MySQL issues, how they present themselves in the data and how we use that data to come to a resolution.

We’ll also discuss how we can use medium- to long-term trends to estimate future system capacity and how to find potential bottlenecks in order to avoid future problems due to resource constraints.


October 27 - 10:30am

By: Alexander Rubin

In this presentation I will talk about
1. Using Internet of Things (IoT) with MySQL
2. Storing time series data in MySQL and MongoDB.

I’ve will do a live demo of using IoT sensors and storing time series data in MySQL and MongoBD (I will also demonstrate the smallest MySQL server in the world). After that I will discuss how to store time series in MySQL and typical challenges (i.e. how to store raw metrics efficiently) and data optimization technics: optimize for writes or for selects, summary tables and more. We will discuss storing time series data as a classic relational tables (name-values or value as field) as well as storing it as JSON object in MySQL 5.7.

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