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Kubernetes, The Swiss Army Knife For Your ProxySQL Deployments – Percona Live ONLINE Talk Preview

 | May 8, 2020 |  Posted In: Events, Kubernetes, Tools

Percona Live Online Agenda Slot: Tue 19 May • New York 10:00 p.m. • London 3:00 a.m. (Wed) • New Delhi 7:30 a.m. (Wed) Abstract ProxySQL is a high performance proxy from design to implementation. It speaks the MySQL protocol, and can go beyond load balancing. This talk covers various deployment options for ProxySQL in […]

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How to contribute Dashboards to PMM

 | May 4, 2020 |  Posted In: Entry Level, Information, Intermediate Level, Open Source Databases, Tools

Have you already contributed to Percona’s open-source products or perhaps you wanted to try doing so? I will tell you how to become a contributor to the popular open-source product from Percona in just a few hours. You don’t need any serious developer skills. We earlier explained how to contribute to PMM documentation in our […]

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Deploying Tarantool Cartridge Applications with Zero Effort (Part 2)

 | April 1, 2020 |  Posted In: Open Source Databases, Tools

We have recently talked about how to deploy a Tarantool Cartridge application. However, an application’s life doesn’t end with deployment, so today we will update our application and figure out how to manage topology, sharding, and authorization, and change the role configuration. Feeling interested? Please continue reading under the cut. Where did we leave off? […]

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Deploying Tarantool Cartridge Applications with Zero Effort (Part 1)

 | March 24, 2020 |  Posted In: Open Source Databases, Tools

Tarantool new instances in dashboard

Tarantool is an open-source in-memory DB with a Lua application server on board. It’s best used for apps that require high performance and horizontal scaling. Out of the box we support horizontal scaling via the vshard module. There are quite a few things that you have to keep in mind when you work on your […]

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How To Contribute to PMM Documentation

 | January 28, 2020 |  Posted In: Open Source Databases, Tools

We’d love to see more contributions towards the development and improvement of Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM), one of Percona’s most valued projects. Like all of Percona’s software, PMM is free and open-source. An area where we’d dearly love to see some community provided enhancement is in its documentation. In future blog posts, we’ll provide […]

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