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Things you didn’t know about MySQL and Date and Time and DST

 | April 6, 2021 |  Posted In: MySQL, Open Source Databases, Tools

(based on a conversation with a colleague, and a bit of Twitter) A Conundrum A developer colleague paged me with this:

It is obviously wrong, and weirdly so. It only works for “2 year”, not with other values:

It has to be exactly 730 days (2 * 365 days, 2 years):

The […]

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How to build a high-performance application on Tarantool from scratch

 | October 30, 2020 |  Posted In: Advanced Level, DevOps, Open Source Databases, Tools

tarantool 3

I came to Group in 2013, and I required a queue for one task. First of all, I decided to check what the company had already got. They told me they had this Tarantool product, and I checked how it worked and decided that adding a queue broker to it could work perfectly well. […]

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