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MySQL Ecosystem on ARM – Percona Live ONLINE Talk Preview

 | October 7, 2020 |  Posted In: Events, MariaDB, MySQL, PLO-2020-10

Percona Live Online Agenda Slot: Tue 20 Oct • New York 8:00 p.m. • London 1:00 a.m (next day) • New Delhi 5:30 a.m. • Singapore 8:00 a.m. Abstract? The ARM ecosystem is quickly evolving as a cost-effective alternative to run High-Performance Computing (HPC) software. It continues to grow with some major cloud players hosting […]

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Kunlun Distributed DB Cluster Intro – Percona Live ONLINE Talk Preview

 | October 2, 2020 |  Posted In: Events, MySQL, Open Source Databases, PLO-2020-10, PostgreSQL

Percona Live Online Agenda Slot: Tue 20 Oct • New York 9:30 p.m. • London 02:30 a.m. (next day) • New Delhi 7:00 a.m. • Singapore 09:30 a.m. Abstract Kunlun Distributed Database Cluster is a distributed DBMS that aims to combine the best of both MySQL and PostgreSQL for a highly performant, highly available, highly […]

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Database Schema Management Via Liquibase

 | October 1, 2020 |  Posted In: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Tools

Database Schema Management Via Liquibase

Creating the database for an application is simple and easy. However, database script management gets complicated in a hurry when you need to support multiple versions, work with multiple teams, and apply the same changes to multiple types of databases.  One open-source tool that helps teams track, version, and deploy database schema changes is Liquibase. […]

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Google Summer of Code Refactor PMM Framework Project with Percona

 | September 7, 2020 |  Posted In: Entry Level, MySQL, Open Source Databases, Tools

PMM Framework CLI

I am Meet Patel, 2nd year undergraduate at DAIICT, Gandhinagar, India; pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology with a minor in Computational Science. I am proud to be selected for the Google Summer of Code program under an open source organization as big and impactful as Percona. As we head towards the […]

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Two weeks to MariaDB Server Fest

 | September 4, 2020 |  Posted In: Events, MariaDB, MySQL, Open Source Databases

MariaDB Fest 2020

There is still time to register for the MariaDB Server Fest 2020! Our Fest is the opportunity to have live interactions with the key players on MariaDB Server: the developers of MariaDB Server, the service providers, the experts, the system integrators, and – perhaps most importantly – your fellow users! Interactivity happens all the time, […]

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IoT Performance Bottlenecks & Open Source Databases

 | September 3, 2020 |  Posted In: MongoDB, MySQL, Open Source Databases, Tools

The Internet of Things (IoT), in essence, is all about everyday devices that are readable, recognizable, trackable, and/or controllable via the Internet, regardless of the communication means — RFID, wireless LAN, and so on.  The total installed base of IoT connected devices is projected to amount to 21.5 billion units worldwide by 2025. Thanks to […]

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