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Disk of Yesteryear Compared to Today’s SSD Drives

 | January 17, 2020 |  Posted In: MySQL, Open Source Databases, Percona Server for MySQL

In my last blog post I showed you how to get the entire Percona “Stack” up and running on a Raspberry Pi. This time around, I would like to show the impact on performance between using an SSD hard disk and a standard hard disk.

Disk performance is a key factor in Percona Server for MySQL (or any RDB platform) performance on a Raspberry Pi 4.

Test set up

Each test below was run three times per Hard Disk and I took the best of the three for comparison.


  • Raspberry Pi 4+ with 4GB ram.
  • Disk 1: USB3 Western Digital My Passport Ultra, 1TB
  • Disk 2: USB3 KEXIN 240GB Portable External SSD Drive

Hardware stayed consistent during test, except for the hard disk that were switched from KEXIN to Western Digital drive.


  • Raspbian Buster
  • Persona Server Version: 5.7.27-30 built from source. See the above BLOG for install instructions.
  • Sysbench 1.0.17

Sample my.cnf

Sysbench MySQL test prep step:

Test 1

This was done using the: KEXIN 240GB Portable External SSD Drive.

Sysbench command:


As you can see the performance with the KEXIN (SSD) Drive was pretty good:

Test 2

This was done using the: Western Digital My Passport Ultra 1TB drive.

As you can see the performance on the Western Digital Drive was really bad:

Disk IO Tests


Western Digital:


As you can see the transactions per second between the Western Digital Drive and the KEXIN Drive was more than 12.5% slower. The queries per second between the Western Digital Drive and KEXIN drive were more than 12.5% slower. Even the sysbench showed an extreme difference between the two drives. There is a 13.36ms difference in the 95% percentile.


Western Digital:

With the cost of SSD drives dropping, we can see that the Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB with an SSD drive is a good choice for a small business (or anyone) that needs a good robust database at an affordable price range.

The content in this blog is provided in good faith by members of the open source community. Percona has not edited or tested the technical content. Views expressed are the authors’ own. When using the advice from this or any other online resource test ideas before applying them to your production systems, and always secure a working back up.

Photo by Enrico Sottocorna on Unsplash

Wayne Leutwyler

When I'm not working with MySQL or other Open-source software packages. I like to do woodworking, 3D design and Printing, listening to all forms of Metal music and electronic projects with Raspberry PI, Arduino. Wayne lives in Powell Ohio, with his wife, daughter, 6 cats and 2 dogs.

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