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Author Posting Guidelines

and  | June 4, 2018 |  Posted In: Information

Percona’s guidelines for articles on our Community blog are simple:

  • Be highly relevant to open source database users.
  • Content should be your own work.
  • Content unpublished elsewhere is best.
  • If not, then reproduction must be allowed under the original license.
  • Be factual, respectful, and legal.

For commercial products:

  • Show how to solve a problem with it, when/when not to use it, how to use it, etc.
  • Do not draw direct comparisons with a competitor, as Percona cannot verify them.
  • Be transparent in distinguishing free vs. paid features.

Percona reserves all rights to edit or not publish any proposed post. However you always get final approval before we publish anything under your name. Examples of problematic content:

  • Limited technical merit.
  • Overly commercial content.
  • Inadequate research, factual inacuracy, poor practice, etc.
  • Confrontational or disrespectful tone.

Percona will add this or a similar disclaimer to each post:

“Views and opinions expressed are provided by the user community and are those of the author alone. Percona does not validate or endorse any content. Percona advises due precaution, including extensive testing and restorable backups, before taking any action. Percona disclaims all liability.”

If interested, see our Invitation To Authors, then send us your proposed topics.


Tom Basil & Daniil Bazhenov
Percona Community Team

Tom Basil

Tom Basil is Chief of Staff at Percona.

Daniil Bazhenov

I am proud to work for the Percona Community Team.

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