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Community Blog: Share the Word

 | June 4, 2018 |  Posted In: Information, MySQL

In a spirit of open source, and furthering our stated mission to be the unbiased champions of open source database software, we’re excited to introduce this community initiative. Our aim is to provide a platform for members of the open source database community to exchange ideas and knowledge, make suggestions and sound out ideas.

In some ways, you might view it as an all year-round, online celebration of what delegates enjoy about the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference. Something of a misnomer since Percona Live – as many readers will already know – is not just about Percona Software but embraces all open source database technology.

So it will be with this blog space.

Who will write for the Percona community blog?

If you already blog, then maybe you don’t want to be providing content for this blog too. Then again – if you post great content on the Percona Community blog, with the links to your own blog in your author profile, maybe you can reach a new audience?

If you don’t already blog, or have thought about it but don’t want to commit to creating content on a regular basis, then perhaps this blog is a good match for you. You’ll be able to post from time to time without the worry that work will catch up with you and your online blog will become tumbleweed.

Maybe you have developed a great open source database tool, want to spread the word and only want to write about it once. That’s OK.

Thought provoking is fine – provocative or libellous not so welcome. If the content is relevant to the very broad topic of open source databases, and is shared in a spirit of collaboration, then your input will be warmly received.

How often?

You might only want to write one piece. Ever. Or you might enjoy the community blog as a showcase for a regular column. Either would be great.

If I aim for the sky and find 25 regular contributors who each provide a piece once every 2 months, that would be amazing!

I don’t know enough

If you have read this far, and are interested in the prospect, then you most likely do.

Expert level content is always very welcome, but we also welcome content for entry level readers. Everyone starts somewhere, and experts forget the things they hadn’t used to know. Things that have become second nature.

Even if you are new to a subject, but have researched a problem and understood the solution, then it’s quite likely that others would benefit from you sharing that new knowledge. Also, writing something out to explain it to a reader helps retention.

I don’t write well enough

It’s the ideas, knowledge exchange and sharing that we’re interested in. I’m happy to work on tidying up the writing if it helps. You will always get to approve your piece before it’s put live.

What about Copyright and Licensing

As it’s your original work then from our point of view, you own the work. From the perspective of it being on the Community Blog, the default license we adopt is Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) and I have summarised that here.

What about syndicated content?

Almost certainly we’ll be sharing good content from regular bloggers who already syndicate their content. If it’s worth reading and relevant, then it’s worth sharing. In terms of licensing, then the license from the originally published piece will be inherited and stated on each piece. Please be sure that you have the correct permissions to share the work.

What’s the catch?

No catch really. OK, you’re helping us by providing content for our website, but then we’re giving you the chance to showcase and share. It’s a gift that keeps giving – some of the most popular posts on Percona’s Database Performance blog are over five years old and still have traction. Everyone wins!


Then propose a topic and come on board! If you’d like to join in this new initiative, please get in touch. Contact details follow:

Lorraine Pocklington
Community Manager
email me

Lorraine Pocklington

Community Manager for Percona

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