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Announcing TokuDB for MariaDB

Tokutek is pleased to announce support for MariaDB for the first time with TokuDB v4.1.1 for MariaDB v5.1.47.
Our customers are choosing MariaDB more and more frequently for their most demanding database applications. We are delighted to help raise MariaDB performance to the next level by making TokuDB available on this new platform. One of […]

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Avoiding Fragmentation with Fractal Trees

B-trees suffer from fragmentation. Fragmentation causes headaches — in query performance and space used. Solutions, like dump and reload or OPTIMIZE TABLE are a pain and not always effective. Fractal trees don’t fragment. So if fragmentation is a problem, check out Tokutek
What is fragmentation?
What do I mean when I say […]

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Sharing an auto_increment value across multiple MySQL tables (revisited)

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Sharing an auto_increment value across multiple MySQL tables. In the comments, a few people wrote in to suggest alternative ways of implementing this.  I just got around to benchmarking those alternatives today across two large EC2 machines: (more…)

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Sharing an auto_increment value across multiple MySQL tables

The title is SEO bait – you can’t do it. We’ve seen a few recurring patterns trying to achieve similar – and I thought I would share with you my favorite two:
Option #1: Use a table to insert into, and grab the insert_id:


CREATE TABLE option1 (id int not null primary key auto_increment) engine=innodb;

# […]

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Loading Tables with TokuDB 4.0

Often, the first step in evaluating and deploying a database is to load an existing dataset into the database. In the latest version, TokuDB makes use of multi-core parallelism to speed up loading (and new index creation). Using the loader, MySQL tables using TokuDB load 5x-8x faster than with previous versions of […]

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