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Take Percona’s One-Click Database Security Downtime Poll


Take Percona’s database security downtime poll.
As Peter Zaitsev mentioned recently in his blog post on database support, the data breach costs can hit both your business reputation and your bottom line. Costs vary depending on the company size and market, but recent studies estimate direct costs ranging in average from $1.6M to 7.01M. Everyone agrees […]

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High Availability Poll Results

high availability poll

This blog reports the results of Percona’s high availability poll.
High availability (HA) is always a hot topic. The reality is that if your data is not available, your customers cannot do business with you. In fact, estimates show the average cost of downtime is about $5K per minute. With an average outage taking 40 […]

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Vote Percona Server in LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awards

Percona Server

Percona is calling on you! Vote Percona for Database of the Year in LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awards 2015. Help our Percona Server get recognized as one of the best database options for data performance. Percona Server is a free, fully compatible, enhanced, open source drop-in replacement for MySQL® that provides superior performance, scalability and […]

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