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What’s the Big Idea?

Big Data + Big Ideas = Big Advantage
“Big Data” is the new buzzword in IT. Doing a Google search will yield over 1M hits. In Boston, there were two back-to-back Big Data events last month. On Wednesday in New York, there was another Big Data event.
Of course, everyone has an opinion on Big Data. […]

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Announcing TokuDB v5.0: Making Big Data Agile

The Big Data Opportunity
“What if you could analyze every transaction, capture insights from every customer interaction, and didn’t have to wait for months to get data from the field?”- McKinsey Column, Financial Times

Despite this tremendous opportunity, MySQL implementations are usually kept relatively small, often on the order of 500 GB […]

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The Data is Coming! The Data is Coming!

This was an interesting week for data discussions in the Boston area. There were two back-to-back events this week — Big Data on Wednesday night hosted by TiE Boston and Channeling the Big Data Tsunami by MassTLC on Thursday morning. With desperate sounding headlines, I was beginning to fear that big data was going […]

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