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Using any general purpose computer as a special purpose SIMD computer

Often times, from a computing perspective, one must run a function on a large amount of input. Often times, the same function must be run on many pieces of input, and this is a very …

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Shard-Query turbo charges Infobright community edition (ICE)

Shard-Query is an open source tool kit which helps improve the performance of queries against a MySQL database by distributing the work over multiple machines and/or multiple cores. This is similar to the divide and …

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Loading Tables with TokuDB 4.0


Often, the first step in evaluating and deploying a database is to load an existing dataset into the database. In the latest version, TokuDB makes use of multi-core parallelism to speed up loading (and new …

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Sorting a Terabyte in 197 seconds

Sorting a Terabyte in 197 seconds I just returned from The 21st ACM Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures (SPAA), held in Calgary, where I gave a talk about my entry to the sorting …

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Publications Related to Fractal Tree Indexing

The TokuDB storage engine for MySQL employs Fractal Tree technology. We’ve been planning to write a white paper explaining how fractal tree indexing works, but haven’t gotten to it yet. In the mean time, here …

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