MySQL sources from development tree

I just want to write few tips how to get MySQL from development BitKeeper tree, as there are several tricks.
First of all you need a fresh free client – bk-client2.0 .
Once you get it, you can clone latest tree:
bkf clone bk:// mysql-5.0
New client supports “changes” command, so you can look latest changes
bkf changes […]

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InnoDB vs MyISAM vs Falcon benchmarks – part 1

Several days ago MySQL AB made new storage engine Falcon available for wide auditory. We cannot miss this event and executed several benchmarks to see how Falcon performs in comparison to InnoDB and MyISAM.
The second goal of benchmark was a popular myth that MyISAM is faster than InnoDB in reads, as InnoDB is transactional, […]

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InnoDB benchmarks

There was several changes in InnoDB to fix scalabilty problems, so I ran benchmark to check
new results and also compare overall performance of InnoDB in 5.0 and 5.1 before and after fixes.
Problems in InnoDB that were fixed:

Thread trashing issues with count of theads 100+. In this case
performance of InnoDB degraded dramatically. The problem […]

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