Improving TPC-H-like Queries – Q2

Posted by Bradley C. Kuszmaul and David Wells

Executive Summary: A MySQL straight join can speed up a query that is very similar to TPC-H Q2 by a factor of 159 on MySQL.
Recently, we began looking at TPC-H performance on MySQL. Our early
tests yielded unexpectedly poor performance for MyISAM, InnoDB and the
Tokutek storage engine. […]

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MySQL insert performance with iiBench Python client

Mark Callaghan recently developed and released an enhanced Python version of Tokutek’s iiBench benchmark (Thanks Mark!). We’re happy to see a Python version of the benchmark as it can now more easily be run by a broader group of people in more diverse environments. Going forward, we will continue building upon Mark’s […]

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iiBench with deletes

We modified the iiBench benchmark to perform deletions as well as insertions, and compared InnoDB to Tokutek’s Fractal TreeTM storage engine, both running on MySQL 5.1. I’ll post the revised iiBench tarball soon.
Here is what the performance looks like:

The iiBench-with-deletions benchmark works as follows. The benchmark employs a fact table with an […]

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iiBench Fractal Tree Results

A few weeks ago I reported InnoDB performance on the iiBench 1-billion row insert test. Today I’m reporting on Tokutek’s Fractal TreeTM storage engine performance.
We ran iiBench on the same hardware (Sun x4150, 8 cores @ 3.16GHz, 16GB memory, 6 SAS disk HW RAID 0) using Tokutek’s storage engine for MySQL. The […]

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