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Covering Indexes: Orders-of-Magnitude Improvements

The talk I gave at the Percona Performance Conference at the MySQL
Users Conference in April 2009 can be found here.
This talk provides some examples where covering indexes help, and
then describes a performance model that can be used to understand and
predict query performance. It covers clustering indexes (which are a
kind of “universal” covering index), and […]

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The Depth of a B-tree

Schlomi Noach recently wrote a useful primer on the depth of B-trees and how that plays out for point queries — in both clustered indexes, like InnoDB, and in unclustered indexes, like MyISAM. Here, I’d like to talk about the effect of B-tree depth on insertions and range queries. And, of course, […]

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High Anxiety Whenever You’re Near

Every time I visit the Sun Santa Clara Campus, I’m reminded of Mel
Brooks’s movie “High Anxiety”. The campus was known as The Great
Asylum for the Insane in the 19th century, and even includes a tower.

High Anxiety,
whenever you’re near.
High Anxiety,
it’s you that I fear.

I went to the MySQL Storage Engine (SE) Summit […]

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TokuDB Storage Engine for MySQL

Tokutek officially announced the TokuDB for MySQL v2.0 Storage Engine, v2.0 on April 16th, 2009. TokuDB uses Fractal Tree (TM) technology to boost MySQL performance for users challenged with interactive querying in high volume, always-on applications. As a pure SW storage engine, TokuDB provides drop-in compatibility for existing MySQL code and applications. […]

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Improving TPC-H-like Queries – Q2

Posted by Bradley C. Kuszmaul and David Wells

Executive Summary: A MySQL straight join can speed up a query that is very similar to TPC-H Q2 by a factor of 159 on MySQL.
Recently, we began looking at TPC-H performance on MySQL. Our early
tests yielded unexpectedly poor performance for MyISAM, InnoDB and the
Tokutek storage engine. […]

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