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Another look at improving TPC-H-like queries – Q17

Summary: An alternate approach, offered in response to our original post, provides excellent improvements for smaller databases, but clustered indexes offer better performance as database size increases. (This posting is by Dave.)

Jay Pipes suggested an alternate approach to improving MySQL performance of Query 17 on a TPC-H-like database.

Add the index (l_partkey, […]

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Improving TPC-H-like queries – Q17

Executive Summary: A query like TPC-H Query 17 can be sped up by large factors by using straight_joins and clustering indexes. (This entry posted by Dave.)

In a previous post, we wrote about queries like TPC-H query 2, and the use of straight_join to improve performance.
This week, we consider Query 17, described by the […]

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MySQL 5.1 Grammar Changes to Support Clustering Indexes

This post is for storage engine developers that may be interested in implementing multiple clustering keys.

After blogging about TokuDB’s multiple clustering indexes feature, Baron Schwartz suggested we contribute the patch to allow other storage engine to implement the feature. We filed a feature request to MySQL to support this, along with a proposed patch. […]

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