2010 Percona Training Schedule

After a nice long vacation, it’s time to unveil our destinations for public classes in 2010.  We are now offering a course for Developers as well as DBAs.  The dates are:

Seattle 16 February
San Francisco 18-19 February
Boston 22-23 February
New York City 25-26 February
Montréal 8-9 March
Denver 15-16 March
Chicago 18-19 March
Washington DC 25-26 March
Los Angeles 19-20 April
Raleigh […]

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XtraDB storage engine release 1.0.6-9

Dear Community,
As of today Release 9 of XtraDB storage engine is available.
The release includes following new features:

The release is base on 1.0.6 version of InnoDB plugin.
MySQL 5.1.42 as a base release
Separate purge thread and LRU dump is implemented (this feature was actually added in Release 8, but somehow it was forgotten)
New patch innodb_relax_table_creation
Added extended […]

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Recovery Times – Part Deux

In a follow-up experiment to an earlier post on TokuDB recovery times, I tried to create a better apples-to-apples comparison to InnoDB recovery time. If I measure recovery times when both DBs are doing the same amount of work, TokuDB requires only 2s to recover from a crash, compared to 1020s for InnoDB.


In […]

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InnoDB, InnoDB-plugin vs XtraDB on fast storage

To continue fun with FusionIO cards, I wanted to check how MySQL / InnoDB performs here. For benchmark I took MySQL 5.1.42 with built-in InnoDB, InnoDB-plugin 1.0.6, and XtraDB 1.0.6-9 ( InnoDB with Percona patches).
As benchmark engine I used tpcc-mysql with 1000 warehouses ( which gives around 90GB of data + indexes) on my […]

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