New OLAP Wikistat benchmark: Introduction and call for feedbacks

I’ve seen my posts on Ontime Air traffic and Star Schema Benchmark got a lot of interest

Star Schema Bechmark: InfoBright, InfiniDB and LucidDB

Analyzing air traffic performance with InfoBright and MonetDB

Air traffic queries in LucidDB

Air traffic queries in InfiniDB: early alpha

However benchmarks by itself did not cover all cases I would want, so I was thinking about better scenario. The biggest problem is to get real big enough dataset, and I thank to Bradley C. Kuszmaul, he pointed […]

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When Should You Store SQL Serialized Data in the Database?

A while back Friendfeed posted a blog post explaining how they changed from storing data in MySQL columns to serializing data and just storing it inside TEXT/BLOB columns. It seems that since then, the technique has gotten more popular with Ruby gems now around to do this for you automatically. (more…)

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