Percona-XtraDB version 9.1

Dear Community,
We are announcing today the new version 9.1 of XtraDB storage engine.
The name of binaries has changed to Percona-XtraDB. It is applicable to all packages including RPM, DEB and tar.gz packages.
New features in version 9.1:

MySQL 5.1.43 is taken as the basis
packages name changed to Percona-XtraDB
Enabled support of SSL
Enabled profiling
Added script to sort LRU […]

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The 451 Group reports on TokuDB v3.0 for MySQL

Matt Aslett over at The 451 Group has written a Market Development report entitled “Tokutek delivers ACID transaction support with TokuDB version 3.0.” Get the full report and you can try out The 451 Group’s services for free by visiting
Matt observes that, “While TokuDB is effectively an operational database technology, it does blur […]

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How many fsync / sec FusionIO can handle

I recently was asked how many fsync / sec ( and therefore durable transactions / sec) we can get on FusionIO card.
It should be easy to test, let’s take sysbench fileio benchmark and run, the next command should make it:


./sysbench –test=fileio –file-num=1 –file-total-size=50G –file-fsync-all=on –file-test-mode=seqrewr –max-time=100 –file-block-size=4096 –max-requests=0 run


./sysbench –test=fileio –file-num=1 –file-total-size=50G –file-fsync-all=on […]

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