Insight for DBAs

The #1 mistake hosting providers make for MySQL servers

This article is not meant to malign hosting providers, but I want to point out something you should be aware of if you’re getting someone else to build and host your servers for you.
Most hosting providers — even the big names — continue to install 32-bit GNU/Linux operating systems on 64-bit hardware. This […]

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Logging your MySQL command line client sessions

Baron recently wrote about very helpful but often forgotten about “Pager” feature of command line client. There is another one which falls into the same list – the –tee option.
Specifying –tee=/path/to/file.log you can get all session content (everything typed in and printed out) stored in the log file. Quite handy for […]

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Confusing MySQL Replication Error Message

I already wrote about some MySQL Error Messages which are confusing, here is one more:


080603 20:53:10 [Note] Slave: connected to master ‘’,replication resumed in log ‘master-bin.003676’ at position 444286437
080603 20:53:10 [Note] Slave: received end packet from server, apparent master shutdown:
080603 20:53:10 [Note] Slave I/O thread: Failed reading log event, reconnecting to retry, log ‘master-bin.003676’ […]

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