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The Benefits of Amazon RDS for MySQL

benefits of Amazon RDS

As the world’s most popular open-source database, MySQL has been around the block more than a few times. Traditionally installed in on-premise data centers, recent years have shown a major trend for MySQL in the cloud, and near the top of this list is Amazon RDS.
Amazon RDS allows you to deploy scalable MySQL servers […]

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Give Love to Your SSDs – Reduce innodb_io_capacity_max!

reduce innodb io capacity max

The innodb_io_capacity and innodb_io_capacity_max are often misunderstood InnoDB parameters. As consultants, we see, at least every month, people setting this variable based on the top IO write specifications of their storage. Is this a correct choice? Is it an optimal value for performance? What about the SSD/Flash wear leveling?
Innodb_io_capacity 101
Let’s begin with what […]

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Percona Backup for MongoDB in Action

Percona Backup for MongoDB in Action

We recently released Percona Backup for MongoDB(PBM) as GA. It’s our open source tool for taking a consistent backup of a running standalone mongod instance, a Replica Set, or a Sharded Cluster as well. The following articles can give you an overview of the tool:

Avoid Vendor Lock-in with Percona Backup for MongoDB
Percona Backup for […]

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UUIDs are Popular, but Bad for Performance — Let’s Discuss

UUID popular

If you do a quick web search about UUIDs and MySQL, you’ll get a fair number of results. Here are just a few examples:

Storing UUID and Generated Columns
Storing UUID Values in MySQL
Illustrating Primary Key models in InnoDB and their impact on disk usage
GUID/UUID Performance Breakthrough
To UUID or not to UUID?

So, does a well-covered topic […]

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Don’t Use MongoDB Profiling Level 1

MongoDB Profiling

TLDR: It is not profile level 1 that is the problem; it’s a gotcha with the optional ‘slowms’ argument that causes users to accidentally set verbose logging and fill their disk with log files.
In MongoDB, there are two ways to see, with individual detail, which operations were executed and how long they took.

Profiling. Saves […]

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