Author - Tibor Korocz

Thoughts on MySQL 8.0 Invisible Indexes

Invisible Indexes

MySQL 8.0 has a new feature called “invisible indexes,” which allow you to quickly enable/disable indexes from being used by the MySQL Optimizer.
I wanted to share some of my first experiences and thoughts about this new feature.
Why is it good for us?
There are a couple of use cases. One of them is if you want to drop an […]

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Upgrading to MySQL 5.7, focusing on temporal types

temporal types

In this post, we’ll discuss how MySQL 5.7 handles the old temporal types during an upgrade.
MySQL changed the temporal types in MySQL 5.6.4, and it introduced a new feature: microseconds resolution in the TIME, TIMESTAMP and DATETIME types. Now these parameters can be set down to microsecond granularity. Obviously, this means format changes, but why […]

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Orchestrator-agent: How to recover a MySQL database


In our previous post, we showed how Orchestrator can handle complex replication topologies. Today we will discuss how the Orchestrator-agent complements Orchestrator by monitoring our servers, and provides us a snapshot and recovery abilities if there are problems.
Please be aware that the following scripts and settings in this post are not production ready (missing error handling, etc.) […]

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Orchestrator: MySQL Replication Topology Manager

Orchestrator MySQL topology manager

This blog post discusses Orchestrator: MySQL Replication Topology Manager.
What is Orchestrator?
Orchestrator is a replication topology manager for MySQL.
It has many great features:

The topology and status of the replication tree is automatically detected and monitored
Either a GUI, CLI or API can be used to check the status and perform operations
Supports automatic failover of the master, and […]

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