Author - Sri Sakthivel

binlog2sql: Binlog to Raw SQL Conversion and Point In Time Recovery


In this blog, I will look at the tool binlog2sql, designed by Cao Danfeng. The tool will help to decode the MySQL binary logs and extract the raw SQL, which also helps to generate the ROLLBACK statements for point in time recovery (PITR) using the “flashback” feature. This feature is also implemented in MariaDB’s […]

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MySQL Table Fragmentation: Beware of Bulk INSERT with FAILURE or ROLLBACK

MySQL Table Fragmentation Insert

Usually, database people are familiar with table fragmentation with DELETE statements. Whenever doing a huge delete, in most cases, they are always rebuilding the table to reclaim the disk space. But, are you thinking only DELETEs can cause table fragmentation? (Answer: NO).
In this blog post, I am going to explain how table fragmentation is […]

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