Author - Carlos Salguero

New MongoDB Exporter Released with Percona Monitoring and Management 2.10.0

MongoDB Exporter Percona Monitoring and Management

With Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) 2.10.0, Percona is releasing a new MongoDB exporter for Prometheus. It is a complete rewrite from scratch with a totally new approach to collect and expose metrics from MongoDB diagnostic commands.
The MongoDB exporter in the 0.11.x branch exposes only a static list of handpicked metrics with custom names […]

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Running Custom MySQL Queries in Percona Monitoring and Management

custom mysql queries

Even though Percona Monitoring and Management 2 (PMM) comes with a lot of dashboards and metrics out of the box, sometimes we need to extend the default metrics by running custom MySQL queries.
For example, suppose you want to have information about cached indexes from Innodb tables from innodb_cached_indexes table. That metric is not being […]

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pt-kill: How it Works

pt-kill MySQL

I receive many questions about errors being reported about pt-kill… and often those errors are not real. The main problem I have found is that pt-kill is hard to understand and the documentation doesn’t have many examples (I’ll add them), so, I decided to write a post about the most common usage of pt-kill: […]

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Insert Random Data into Tables Using mysql_random_data_load

Insert Random Data into Tables

In this short blogpost, we’ll show you how to use the mysql_random_data_load tool to insert random data into tables. This is a great aide in testing when you have empty tables and need them to be populated with data. We’ve all done it manually (the INSERT INTO … VALUES … way), but that is surely […]

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Using Percona Toolkit pt-mongodb-summary

Percona Toolkit

This blog post is another in the series on the Percona Server for MongoDB 3.4 bundle release. In this blog post, we’ll look at the
pt-mongodb-summary tool in Percona Toolkit.
pt-mongodb-summary tool from Percona Toolkit provides a quick at-a-glance overview of MongoDB and Percona Server for MongoDB instances. It is equivalent to
pt-mysql-summary for MySQL. 

pt-mongodb-summary also collects information about […]

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