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MongoDB Explain – Using PMM-QAN for MongoDB Query Analytics

 | June 26, 2018 |  Posted In: .PMM QAN, EXPLAIN, MongoDB, Percona Monitoring and Management, PMM

MongoDB explain plan with PMM-QAN

In this blog post, we will walk through PMM-Query Analytics for MongoDB. We will see how to analyze MongoDB query performance; review the initial parameters that we need to check; and find out how to compare MongoDB query performance with and without indexes with the help of EXPLAIN plan. The Percona Monitoring and Management QAN (PMM-QAN) dashboard […]

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Zone Based Sharding in MongoDB

 | June 13, 2018 |  Posted In: Insight for Developers, MongoDB, Security

MongoDB shard zones

In this blog post, we will discuss about how to use zone based sharding to deploy a sharded MongoDB cluster in a customized manner so that the queries and data will be redirected per geographical groupings. This feature of MongoDB is a part of its Data Center Awareness, that allows queries to be routed to particular […]

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