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Upcoming Webinar Wed 5/1: Horizontally scale MySQL with TiDB while avoiding sharding

horizontally scale MySQL with TiDB

Join Percona CEO Peter Zaitsev and PingCAP Senior Product and Community Manager Morgan Tocker as they present How to horizontally scale MySQL with TiDB while avoiding sharding issues on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019, at 11:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) / 2:00 PM EDT (UTC-4).
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In this joint webinar, PingCAP will provide an introduction and overview of […]

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ZFS For MongoDB Backups

mongodb backup using zfs

We have successfully used ZFS for MySQL® backups and MongoDB® is no different. Normally, backups will be taken from a hidden secondary, either with
mongodump , WT hot backup or filesystem snapshots. In the case of the latter, instead of LVM2, we will use ZFS and discuss potential other benefits.
Preparation for initial snapshot
Before taking a […]

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Watch Webinar: Config Database (Shardings) Deep Dive

Deep Dive In the Config Database (Shardings)

Please join Percona’s Senior Support Engineer Vinodh Krishnaswamy as he presents Deep Dive In the Config Database (Shardings).
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In MongoDB, we know the Sharded Cluster can migrate chunks across the Shards and also route a query. But where is this information stored, and how is it used by MongoDB to maintain consistency […]

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Load Balanced ProxySQL in Google Cloud


There are three different ways ProxySQL can direct traffic between your application and the backend MySQL services.

Locally, on the MySQL servers.
Between the MySQL servers and the application.
Colocated on the application servers themselves.

Without going through too much detail – each has its own limitations. In the first form, the application needs to know about all […]

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Watch Webinar: Upgrading / Migrating Your Legacy PostgreSQL to Newer PostgreSQL Versions

Upgrading / Migrating your legacy PostgreSQL to newer PostgreSQL versions

Please join Percona’s PostgreSQL Support Technical Lead, Avinash Vallarapu and Senior Support Engineers, Fernando Laudares, Jobin Augustine and Nickolay Ihalainen as they demonstrate the methods to upgrade a legacy version of PostgreSQL to a newer version using built-in as well as open source tools.
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To start, this webinar opens with a list […]

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