Percona Live 2018 Keynotes, Day Two

Welcome to Percona Live 2018 keynotes, day two!

Day two of Percona Live 2018 looks to be as filled with great talks as day one. Today we started with keynote presentations from Percona, a panel on the evolution of databases and talks from VividCortex and Upwork. You can view the recording of today’s keynotes here.

Percona Welcome Back

Laurie Coffin (Percona)

Laurie Coffin, Percona CMO, welcomed everyone back to Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2018 day two. She reminded everybody to rate your talks using the Percona Live App. People who rate five or more talks are eligible for a raffle prize! Winners of the raffle and the passport prize giveaway need to be present at the end of the day closing remarks to claim their prizes.

We haven’t selected the site for Percona Live 2019, but we will announce it as soon as we have (it will not be in Santa Clara next year). Save the date for Percona Live Europe 2018: November 5-7, 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Percona Live 2018 Panel KeynoteDatabase Evolution in the Cloud Panel 

Lixun Peng (Alibaba Cloud), Sunil Kamath (Microsoft), Baron Schwartz (VividCortex), Shawn Briscoe (Percona)

How companies build applications and deploy databases has changed drastically over the last five years. Enterprises are moving applications and workloads to the cloud in order to take advantage of flexibility, match resource consumption to actual needs and reduce hardware and software expenses. This panel discussed the rapid changes occurring with databases deployed in the cloud, and what that means for the future of databases, database management and monitoring and the role of the DBA and developer. Will microservices displace traditional databases? (probably not). Will self-driving databases displace DBAs? (probably not). How will new cloud database paradigms help customers with their problems? (polyglot persistence provides the right tool for the job at hand).

Percona Live 2018 Baron KeynoteFuture Perfect: The New Shape Of The Data Tier

Baron Schwartz (VividCortex)

It’s obvious that macro trends such as cloud computing, microservices, containerization, and serverless applications are fundamentally changing how we architect, build, deploy, and operate modern applications. We’ve already seen how these changes have affected our data platforms dramatically over the past few years. Where is this going? VividCortex’s CEO Baron Schwartz gave a thoughtful talk about how our environments shape our cultures and how our cultures shape our technology. Along with that, he provided some perspective on the ways he thinks the various open source database cultures are similar, and how we can work together to shape the technologies that are taking us into the future.

Percona Live 2018 Scott KeynoteMongoDB at Upwork

Scott Simpson (Upwork)

Upwork is the largest freelancing website for connecting clients and freelancers. In this keynote, Scott Simpson, Lead Software Engineer at Upwork, discussed what MongoDB is used for at Upwork, how they chose the database and how Percona helps make them successful. Upwork need to set up a messaging service for communication between clients and freelancers, that could accommodate millions of messages a day and maintain performance.

That’s it for this year’s talks. You can find the day two talks over on our YouTube channel.

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