Percona Live 2018: Closing Ceremony with Lightning Talks

Percona Live 2018 is officially done! The closing ceremony ends the conference with a last few lightning talks and a prize giveaway.

We ended the Percona Live 2018 conference the same way we started: with talks! This year, we had our lightning talks as part of our closing ceremony. They included:

Mariella ViaSat Percona Live 2018Amazon Aurora MySQL and RDS MySQL: Lessons learned

Mariella Di Giacomo – ViaSat

Determining the best and most suitable relational database management system (RDBMS) for a given project isn’t an easy task and it can be rather challenging at times. It is like benchmarking fast cars created by different racing teams. The presentation compared, using a large body of experimental results, two highly-available cloud closed-source products, Amazon Aurora MySQL and RDS MySQL, both based on the Open Source MySQL Edition.

Both use cases have demonstrated that MySQL is a great solution for concurrent writes, reads and read and write traffic. Additionally, both scenarios have proven to be successful, satisfying data integrity, reliability and scalability with different outcomes.

Øystein Grøvlen Oracle Percona Live 2018JSON_TABLE – The Best of Both Worlds

Øystein Grøvlen – Oracle

One of the most popular new features of MySQL 5.7 was JSON support. Now you can use SQL to search, extract information from, and change JSON documents. MySQL 8.0 takes this a step further. Using the JSON_TABLE function, you will be able to construct relational tables based on the contents of JSON documents. This way, you will be able to use the power of SQL to process JSON. For example, you can use SQL aggregate functions on your JSON data, or use the WHERE clause to find interesting objects within a JSON array.

This lightning talk gave a short introduction into how JSON_TABLE provides the missing link when processing JSON documents in MySQL.

Laurent Indeed Percona 2018Scaling MySQL with HaProxy

Laurent Kolakofsky –

Scaling MySQL infrastructure is challenging, and traditional setups don’t scale horizontally and require manual configuration management.

This talk was about how Indeed scaled MySQL their infrastructure. Using HaProxy, they dynamically take backends in/out of rotation based on replication lag. Through this proxy, they load-balance reads across a pool of replicas, ensure replication lag is below a threshold, and easily take replicas out of rotation for maintenance, removing the work of manually updating application’s configuration.

They also learned about different routing strategy we use, such as fail-to-primary vs fail-open, and about surprising application connection pool’s behaviors we learned along the way.

After these talks, we had our drawings for the Passport Prizes and the Rate My Talks participants.

And that is it! Keep your ear open for when we announce the location and dates of next year’s conference, and save the date for Percona Live Europe 2018. Until next year!

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