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Verifying Query Performance Using ProxySQL

 | March 15, 2018 |  Posted In: Database Monitoring, MySQL, Percona Monitoring and Management, ProxySQL

Query Performance Using ProxySQL

In this blog post, we’ll look at how you can verify query performance using ProxySQL. In the previous blog post, I showed you how many information can you get from the “stats.stats_mysql_query_digest” table in ProxySQL. I also mentioned you could even collect and graph these metrics. I will show you this is not just theory, it […]

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Percona Live 2018 Featured Talk: MongoDB for a High Volume Logistics Application with Eric Potvin

 | March 15, 2018 |  Posted In: MongoDB, Percona Live

Eric Potvin Shipwire

Welcome to another interview blog for the rapidly-approaching Percona Live 2018. Each post in this series highlights a Percona Live 2018 featured talk at the conference and gives a short preview of what attendees can expect to learn from the presenter. This blog post highlights Eric Potvin, Software Engineer at Shipwire. His talk is titled MongoDB […]

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Saw Percona at SCaLE 16x? Come See Even More at Percona Live 2018!

 | March 14, 2018 |  Posted In: Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Percona Live

Did you see Percona at SCaLE 16x? I spent a couple of days there learning about open source software, databases, and other interesting topics. You can get even more open source database information at Percona Live 2018. SCaLE is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America. It is held annually in […]

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Adding Custom Graphs and Dashboards to Percona Monitoring and Management

 | March 14, 2018 |  Posted In: Database Monitoring, MySQL, Percona Monitoring and Management

PMM custom graphs

In this blog post, we’ll look at how to create PMM custom graphs and dashboards to track what you need to see in your database. Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM)‘s default set of graphs is pretty complete: it covers most of the stuff a DBA requires to fully visualize database servers. However, sometimes custom information […]

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Don’t Get Hit with a Database Disaster: Database Security Compliance

 | March 13, 2018 |  Posted In: Insight for DBAs, Percona Live, Security

Percona Live 2018 security talks

In this post, we discuss database security compliance, what you should be looking at and where to get more information. As Percona’s Chief Customer Officer, I get the opportunity to talk with a lot of customers. Hearing about the problems that both their technical teams face, as well as the business challenges their companies experience […]

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The Multi-Source GTID Replication Maze

 | March 13, 2018 |  Posted In: GTID, Insight for DBAs, MySQL, Replication

Multi-Source GTID Replication

In this blog post, we’ll look at how to navigate some of the complexities of multi-source GTID replication. GTID replication is often a real challenge for DBAs, especially if this has to do with multi-source GTID replication. A while back, I came across a really interesting customer environment with shards where multi-master, multi-source, multi-threaded MySQL 5.6 […]

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Webinar Thursday, March 15, 2018: Basic External MySQL Troubleshooting Tools

 | March 13, 2018 |  Posted In: Database Monitoring, MySQL, Percona Monitoring and Management, Percona Toolkit, Technical Webinars

Troubleshooting Tools

Please join Percona’s Principal Support Engineer, Sveta Smirnova, as she presents Basic External MySQL Troubleshooting Tools on March 15, 2018 at 10:00 am PDT (UTC-7) / 1:00 pm EDT (UTC-4). In my troubleshooting webinar series, I normally like to discuss built-in instruments available via the SQL interface. While they are effective and help to understand […]

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ProxySQL 1.4.6 and Updated proxysql-admin Tool Now in the Percona Repository

 | March 12, 2018 |  Posted In: Percona Server for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster, ProxySQL

ProxySQL 1.4.5

ProxySQL 1.4.6, released by ProxySQL, is now available for download in the Percona Repository along with an updated version of Percona’s proxysql-admin tool. ProxySQL is a high-performance proxy, currently for MySQL and its forks (like Percona Server for MySQL and MariaDB). It acts as an intermediary for client requests seeking resources from the database. René Cannaò created […]

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