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MongoDB Ransomware: Not Likely, But How Do You Know?

MongoDB Ransomware

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the concerns recently seen around MongoDB ransomware and security issues.
Security blogs and magazines have recently been aflutter with the news that a hacker is stealing data from MongoDB instantiations and demanding bitcoins to get the data back. This sounds pretty bad at first glance, but […]

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MongoDB 3.4: Sharding Improvements

Sharding Improvements

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the Sharding improvements in the recent MongoDB 3.4 GA release.
Let’s go over what MongoDB Sharding “is” at a simplified, high level.
The concept of “sharding” exists to allow MongoDB to scale to very large data sets that may exceed the available resources of a single node or replica set. […]

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Enabling and Disabling Jemalloc on Percona Server

MariaDB ColumnStore

This post discusses enabling and disabling jemalloc on Percona Server for MySQL.
The benefits of jemalloc versus glibc for use with MySQL have been widely discussed. With jemalloc (along with Transparent Huge Pages disabled) you have less memory fragmentation, and thus more efficient resource management of the available server memory.
For standard installations of Percona Server 5.6+ (releases […]

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