Percona Live Europe Session Interview: High-Performance JSON – PostgreSQL Vs. MongoDB with Wei Shan Ang and Dominic Dwyer (GlobalSign)

Percona Live Europe 2017The Percona Live Europe 2017 conference has been going strong for two days, and I’ve been to a bunch of presentations. An excellent one was High-Performance JSON – PostgreSQL Vs. MongoDB with Wei Shan Ang and Dominic Dwyer of GlobalSign.

This talk was very engaging and well attended and provided some enlightening stats from their experiments and tests. For GlobalSign, applications have to be both super fast and consistent, and achieving that balance requires dedicated and detailed testing and development. For example, while one configuration might offer incredibly fast throughput if the tradeoff is that there are dropouts from time to time – even for a second or two – it’s not a solution that would meet GlobalSign’s needs. Or as Wei Shan put it, using such a solution might lead to a few discussions with management!

There were lively questions from the floor that carried on outside the room well after the session. Since they presented the talk as PostgreSQL vs. MongoDB, there were advocates for both. These were handled with cool aplomb by both guys.

I caught up with them after the session:

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