Percona Live Europe Session Interview: Building Multi-Petabyte Data Warehouses with ClickHouse

Percona Live Europe 2017Percona Live Europe provides open source professionals with an opportunity to discuss how various technologies get used in order to solve database problems. Alexander Zaitsev of LifeStreet/Altinity gave one such session: Building Multi-Petabyte Data Warehouses with ClickHouse.

LifeStreet needed to scale their real-time ad analytics platform to multiple petabytes. They evaluated and used a number of open source and commercial solutions, but most solutions were not efficient enough or too expensive. When Yandex released ClickHouse to open source, LifeStreeet quickly realized its potential and started an implementation project. It took a bit of time and effort, but it finally worked out and became an excellent way to address scale in LifeStreet’s database environment.

In this presentation, LifeStreet/Altinity Director of Engineering Alexander Zaitsev talked about their experiences from an application developer’s viewpoint: what worked well and not so well, what challenges they had to overcome as well as share the best practices for building large-scale platforms based on ClickHouse.

I got a chance to talk with Alexander in the video below. Check it out!

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