Percona XtraDB Cluster: SST tmpdir option

SST tmpdirIn this blog post, I’ll discuss some changes to the behavior of the Percona XtraDB Cluster SST tmpdir option in the latest versions of Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6.35-26.20-3 and 5.7.17-29.30.

Previously, we did not use the path specified by the tmpdir. From Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6.35-26.20-3 and 5.7.17-29.20, we use the tmpdir option to specify the location of temporary files used by the SST (on the DONOR this may be very large since the backup logs may be stored here).

Specifying the tmpdir is as expected. You supply the directory path, as in the following example:

We look for the tmpdir in the [sst], [xtrabackup], and [mysqld] sections, in that order. If left unspecified, “mktemp” follows the default behavior (on Linux distributions this will typically create the directory in $TMPDIR, followed by /tmp).

Normal security settings and permissions apply here. The directory must already exist and be readable and writable by MySQL otherwise a fatal error will be generated by the SST script.

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  • neunoum Reply

    Would it be possible for you to expand a little bit on what is stored in the tmpdir during SST? On DONOR and JOINER (if relevant). Any scaling recommendation for the tmpdir?

    I ask because on some PXC I configure a RAM-disk as tmpdir in [mysqld], which is only few GB in size. I would estimate many people do this.

    As a precaution I have created an additional tmpdir in [sst] only that is large enough.

    May 5, 2017 at 12:05 am

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