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Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) Information Script

 | November 1, 2016 |  Posted In: InnoDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Percona Monitoring and Management, Percona XtraDB Cluster

Percona Monitoring and Management

This blog post discusses an information script for the Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) tool. In recent news, we announced the fresh-of-the-press Percona Monitoring and Management (or PMM for short) platform. Given the interaction of the different components that together make up PMM, I developed a script that helps provide you information about the status of your PMM installation. You can use this script yourself, or one of our […]

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The Future of TokuDB at Percona

 | November 1, 2016 |  Posted In: MySQL, TokuDB


In this blog post, I’ll discuss the future of TokuDB at Percona. Spoiler: solid. As soon as we announced the fact that MyRocks was coming to Percona Server for MySQL at Percona Live Europe, rumors appeared that this means we’re going to phase out TokuDB at the same time.   I can understand why those […]

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