Percona Live 2016: Day Two Keynote Talks

We’ve started the second full day at Percona Live 2016, and again we had some pretty impressive and fascinating keynote speakers. This morning featured four keynote talks from some pretty heavy hitters in our industry:

Percona Live 2016Anurag Gupta, Vice President of Big Data Services, Amazon Web Services
AWS Big Data Services: Reimagining Big Data Processing in the Cloud

In this talk, we found out about the data challenges and trends that drove AWS to reimagine data processing and bet the future on new Big Data services that are innovating data infrastructure (from NoSQL databases to data warehouses). Anurag (and AWS) believe that one size doesn’t fit all, and multiple services are often necessary to address different challenges of Big Data. He provides an under-the-hood view of some of the most popular Big Data services at AWS, including:
  • Amazon DynamoDB – a NoSQL service
  • Amazon Redshift – a petabyte-scale data warehouse service
  • Amazon EMR – an elastic map-reduce service
  • Amazon Aurora – a massively scalable relational database service

He also discussed best practices in understanding customer desires and behavior from Big Data and how to achieve 1:1 customer experience at scale.

Data in the Cloud Keynote Panel: Cloudy with a chance of running out of disk space? Or Sunny times ahead?

Moderated by Matt Yonkovit, Percona’s Vice President of Professional Services, this panel discussion focused on the fact that larger and larger datasets are moving to the cloud, creating new challenges and opportunities in handling such workloads. As such, new technologies, revamped products, and a never ending stream of idea’s follow in the wake of this advance to keep pace. Even as these solutions attempt to improve the performance and manageability of cloud-based data, the question is are they enough? The panel brought our several areas that need to be addressed to keep ahead of the “data crisis,” including:

  • Compression
  • Visibility
  • Optimizing Storage
  • The trifecta of storage/analytics/processing
  • Security and privacy

Percona Live 2016Tomas Ulin, Vice President for the MySQL Engineering team, Oracle
MySQL: Combining SQL and NoSQL

In this talk, Tomas Ulin discussed how, now that MySQL 5.7 is GA, it’s delivered major improvements in performance, scalability and manageability. He explored how MySQL can deliver on the promises of NoSQL, while keeping all the proven benefits of SQL. This lecture allowed the audience to better understand the MySQL development priorities and what the future holds for the world’s most popular open source database.

Percona Live 2016Mark Callaghan, Software Engineer, Database Infrastructure, Facebook
MyRocks, MongoRocks and RocksDB

In this lecture, we learned about RocksDB, MyRocks, and MongoRocks. RocksDB is an embedded database engine. MyRocks and MongoRocks are RocksDB storage engines for MySQL and MongoDB. All of this is open-source. Facebook started these projects to get better performance, efficiency and compression with fast storage devices like flash-based SSD but they also work great with disks. Mark explained how and why MyRocks provides better performance, efficiency and compression using real and synthetic workloads. In one case, they got 2X better compression compared to compressed InnoDB for a production workload. Mark (and Facebook) expect MyRocks to become the web-scale storage engine for MySQL.

Those were the morning lectures today! And there is more to come! Check out our schedule here.

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