Percona Live 2016: Let Robots Manage your Schema (without destroying all humans)!

We’re are rapidly moving through day one of the Percona Live Data Performance Conference, and I’m surrounded by incredibly smart people all discussing amazing database techniques and technology. The depth of solutions represented here, and the technical know-how needed to pull them off is astounding!

This afternoon I was able to catch Jenni Snyder, MySQL DBA  at Yelp deliver her talk on Let Robots Manage your Schema (without destroying all humans). While vaguely frightening, it was a fascinating talk on how automating schema changes helped Yelp’s development.

You’re probably already using automation to build your application, manage configuration, and alert you in case of emergencies. Jenni asks what’s keeping you from doing the same with your MySQL schema changes? For Yelp, the answer was “lots of things”. Today, Yelp uses Liquibase to manage their schema changes, pt-online-schema-change to execute them, and Jenkins to ensure that they’re run in all of their environments. During this session, she explained the history of MySQL schema management at Yelp, and how hard it was for both developers and DBAs.

Below is a video of her summarizing her team’s efforts and outcomes.

Check out the Percona Live schedule to see what is coming up next!


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