The MongoDB Speed-up & Slim-down Big Data Challenge

Receive 20 FREE hours of MongoDB® consulting services if TokuMX does not improve your MongoDB application performance by at least 2x and/or reduce the size of your MongoDB database by 50% or more. 


Like A Finely Tuned Rally Car

Like a finely tuned rally car, your big data applications need to run lean and mean. But if those applications were built with MongoDB® you may sometimes find that goal a bit more challenging than you’d like. You’re not alone.

Using TokuMX, the high-performance distribution of MongoDB from Tokutek, companies such as Cisco, Crowdtap, MaxCDN, and Performance Horizon Group improve the performance of their MongoDB applications up to 50x while reducing the size of their MongoDB databases by as much as 90%. That means better CSAT scores, and substantial storage cost savings.

For example, Performance Horizon Group co-founder and CTO Pete Cheyne recently told a London Meetup Group, “With TokuMX we were able to slow the purchase of new servers by a factor of eight while significantly improving the performance of our MongoDB applications.”  

According to Taylor Dondich, MaxCDN vice president of engineering, “TokuMX has given us the ability to ingest hundreds of thousands of records per second… (and store them with) 80% compression.”

And those are just two examples.  In fact, Tokutek is so confident that TokuMX will do the same for your MongoDB application that we are prepared to put our Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros, and Yuan where our mouth is…  

Introducing the MongoDB Speed-up & Slim-down Big Data Challenge

The concept of the challenge is simple. We don’t expect you to take our word for it. We don’t even expect you to believe your results will be as good as what’s described in the customer success stories you can find here on our website.  Instead we want to make it super easy for you to try TokuMX and make your own determination.

Starting today, selected program participants will be entitled to use TokuMX Enterprise Edition for the duration of their trial at no charge.  In addition, we will provide a complimentary kick-off session to help you get up and running quickly, and to help you plan your test. This session will be conducted by a Tokutek consulting engineer who has provided the same consulting service to many of our existing customers. Your consultant will also be available during your test to answer questions and provide further guidance. 

At the end of your evaluation if you have not seen a performance improvement of at least 2x, and/or a 50% drop in the size of your MongoDB database, Tokutek will deliver 20 FREE HOURS of MongoDB consulting services.  It’s that simple.

Just fill out the entry form at the other end of the link below to get started. After you do you will receive a questionnaire about your MongoDB use case. After completing and submitting it to Tokutek we will contact you to discuss your eligibility and participation. What do you have to lose?  Get started today.

The MongoDB Speed-up & Slim-down Big Data Challenge Entry Form

The MongoDB Speed-up & Slim-down Big Data Challenge is available to eligible MongoDB users for one MongoDB application.  Tokutek reserves the sole and exclusive right to determine customer eligibility based on answers to a  use case questionnaire and other considerations as determined by Tokutek. Any free consulting services delivered will be completed remotely via phone and/or online communications when and as able based on the availability of Tokutek consulting engineers. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. MongoDB is a registered trademark of MongoDB, Inc.


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