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Announcing TokuMX v2.0

 | September 30, 2014 |  Posted In: Tokutek, TokuView


Today we released TokuMX v2.0, the latest version of Tokutek’s high-performance MongoDB distribution. Highlights of this new release are as follows:

  • Fast updates that can boost the speed of updates to unindexed fields by more than 10x.
  • Ark elections making replication trustworthy and more ops-friendly.
  • Smaller oplog entries made possible with a brand-new rollback algorithm.
  • Geospatial indexes with haystack, 2d, and 2dsphere indexes and queries in MongoDB.
  • Partitioned sharding for specific configurations.

Our Enterprise Edition has added the following capabilities:

  • Support for auditing actions and the ability to include/exclude actions by user, database, and action.
  • Point in time recovery.
  • Improved hot backup to support differing data and log directories.

We have quite a few blogs planned for the coming weeks to cover the features in more detail.

To learn more about TokuMX:Download our Enterprise Edition or Community Edition, check out the documentation, or see the full release notes.



  • Any plans to add full text search in the future? FTS and having a version that runs on the mac (for development) easily are the only thing holding me back from using TokuMX.

  • Dear sir, geospatial index that you supported is in MongoDb 2.4 or MongoDb 3.0? Because your reference link is link to MongoDb3.0, but TokuMx has just intergrated with MongoDb2.4. As I know, the geospatial index is very different between two versions.

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