TokuMX Compression & Performance Innovation Awards @ MongoDB World 2014

Today, at MongoDB World 2014 in New York City, we announced the winners of our inaugural TokuMX Compression & Performance Innovation Award. We selected two winners from amongst the nominees – Brightcove and Crowdtap. The announcement was made at the TokuMX Scale-up & Slim-down breakfast meet-up.

This morning’s meet-up featured special guests Mark Callaghan of Facebook, Kenny Gorman of ObjectRocket, and Charity Majors of Parse who were on hand to share there big data (and small data) wisdom with attendees.  Those attendees included more than 20 TokuMX users and prospective users, members of the TokuMX dev team, and Mat Keep of MongoDB, Inc.

TokuMX, our high-performance distribution of MongoDB, is an ideal choice for complex, high-volume, big data applications that require fast response time while simultaneously executing store and query procedures in large volumes of rapidly arriving data. We chose to recognize Brightcove and Crowdtap because of the dramatic improvement achieved by their big data development teams using TokuMX.  Read on to learn more about each winner’s TokuMX story.


TokuMX Awards 2014


2014 TokuMX Compression & Performance Innovation Award winner Brightcove (NASDAQ: BCOV), a leading global provider of cloud services for video, offers a family of products that revolutionize the way organizations deliver video experiences.

As Brightcove looked to move its real-time video analytics system to a new database platform to overcome the challenges associated with rising server hardware costs and supporting real-time data flow, the company discovered TokuMX™, the high-performance distribution of MongoDB from Tokutek®. TokuMX enabled Brightcove to leverage its existing investments in MongoDB while upgrading the underlying MongoDB software platform.

Brightcove’s engineering team downloaded the free community edition of TokuMX and started testing and quickly upgraded to a Tokutek enterprise subscription that entitled the company to enterprise-class support and TokuMX Enterprise Edition features like hot backup.

When I asked Ankur Chauhan, Brightcove senior software engineer and project leader for the TokuMX evaluation, about the support for TokuMX Enterprise Edition, this is what he said:

“The Tokutek team was unbelievably supportive and helpful,” said Chauhan. “They quickly earned our respect as MongoDB subject matter experts enabling us to trust their diagnosis of the challenges we were facing with MongoDB as well as their recommendations on how to best overcome them with TokuMX.”

By migrating to the Tokutek distribution of MongoDB, Brightcove is able to achieve its real-time video analytics goals with a document-oriented database approach, as originally planned. The results have been compelling:

  • Better Compression – The company’s MongoDB database is one-fifth the size with TokuMX helping Brightcove contain hardware costs by a commensurate amount.
  • Better Performance – Document-level locking in TokuMX enabled Brightcove to overcome the performance bottlenecks it was experiencing with basic MongoDB.
  • Better Backup – The hot backup feature of TokuMX Enterprise Edition made it possible to achieve the necessary backup frequency without having to suffer performance degradation.

Overall, Chauhan had this to say about the benefits of TokuMX:

“With TokuMX compression our infrastructure costs are less than what they would have been with basic MongoDB ” said Chauhan. “And the granular locking that’s possible with TokuMX has improved application performance immeasurably. Tokutek is saving us money and helping us set and meet performance goals we could not achieve with basic MongoDB.”

With TokuMX, Brightcove is able to preserve their investment in MongoDB application development while improving performance and customer satisfaction and containing hardware costs thanks to its superior compression.

Our second winner, Crowdtap, was able to improve performance, customer satisfaction and reduce hardware costs with TokuMX.

Crowdtap migrated the data store for its social influence marketing platform to TokuMX™ in the fall of 2013 to take advantage of the compression and performance advantages TokuMX offers. The company needed to leverage those advantages to support its explosive growth while preserving the software development effort they’d already invested in. That data store enables Crowdtap to make it easy for marketers to inspire a crowd of consumers to create quality content, drive unmatched social activity and provide real-time insights. But Crowdtap found the TokuMX advantages extend beyond the software. TokuMX enterprise-class support made it possible for them to make the switch with only 5 minutes of downtime.

The Crowdtap social influence marketing platform manages more than 80 million documents that include information on all its customers’ clients as well as their ongoing feedback. The constant stream of incoming data combined with the research analytics running across the data led to unacceptable performance bottlenecks before the switch to TokuMX. They’d proven to themselves that TokuMX would help them overcome these bottlenecks during testing, but Crowdtap customers depend upon 7×24 availability so the ease of migration to TokuMX was also a major consideration. The Tokutek Enterprise Subscription plan and the enterprise-class support delivered by Tokutek ensured that the transition did not disrupt customer services.

Like Brightcove, Crowdtap was enthusiastic about the Tokutek support services.

“The support from the Tokutek engineering support team is priceless. They made sure that there was minimal migration downtime — a little more than 5 minutes — so that the changeover was as invisible to our customers as possible,” said Crowdtap’s Michael D’Auria. “Tokutek support is the definition of responsiveness.”

I asked D’Auria to get specific about the benefits that Crowdtap realized with TokuMX, and here’s what he told me.

Migrating to TokuMX removed the cost and aggravation of sharding, which would have required at least an additional three servers, and significant downtime. Tokutek also made it easy for Crowdtap to download open source TokuMX and set up a test environment where they could run a full day’s worth of activity without making any code changes. The results have been compelling:

  • Better Compression – TokuMX delivered 40%-60% compression, eliminating the need to invest in additional SSD drives.
  • Improved Performance – Because TokuMX features document-level locking, TokuMX was 20%–25% faster out of the box with no special tuning. With tuning the company realized an additional 10–20% improvement in performance.
  • Better Write-optimization – Not only did TokuMX help the company slow down the need for additional SSD hardware, TokuMX write optimization helps extend SSD life.

“With TokuMX we were able to reduce our data storage requirements by 60% and that represents a huge cost savings over the long haul,” said Kareem Kouddous, Crowdtap founder & CTO. “Moreover, our applications are running significantly faster on TokuMX and that helps us ensure CSAT scores stay high.”

This morning’s breakfast meet-up represents a major milestone for TokuMX and Tokutek. It’s been awesome sharing the Crowdtap and Brightcove stories with the MongoDB community here at MongoDB World.  We hope they inspire some of the participant’s in today’s meet-up to  overcome their own compression and performance challenges. Maybe some of their names will be on next year’s trophies.


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