June 11 Webinar: Comparing MongoDB and TokuMX Replication

MongoDB replication has a lot of great features including crash safety, automatic failover and parallel slave replication. Although MongoDB’s replication is impressive in many ways, TokuMX™ replication internals are purposely designed differently.
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SPEAKER: Zardosht Kasheff, Sr. Engineer
DATE: Wednesday, June 11th
TIME: 1pm EDT/10am PDT

TokuMX is built on Fractal Tree® technology, unlike MongoDB’s B-tree structure. While TokuMX does keep some important pieces of MongoDB’s replication design, it was important to make some changes to increase performance and to fully leverage Fractal Tree indexes – allowing for multi-document transactions and concurrency.

In this webinar Tokutek’s Zardosht Kasheff will discuss:

  • The benefits of both MongoDB and TokuMX replication
  • The differences in the oplog format and maintenance of each
  • What scenarios perform better, what scenarios to be wary of
  • How CPU and I/O utilization differs, and what that means for your application

After you attend this webinar, you will be able to fully understand the differences between MongoDB and TokuMX replication and make a decision on what works best for your application.


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