MongoDB World TokuMX™ Innovation Awards: Call for Nominations

If you’re reading this you may be a TokuMX user, or  you’re thinking about using TokuMX. If the latter case applies, I bet you’re already using some form MongoDB today. Either way, you’ve probably heard about the MongoDB Innovation Awards announced in April by MongoDB, Inc.  More here if you this is the first time you’re hearing about this: MongoDB Launches Innovation Awards To Recognize Novel Applications

The company will recognize “organizations and individuals with groundbreaking MongoDB deployments.”  And the winners will be announced at MongoDB World in New York, June 23rd-25th.

Personally, I think the MongoDB Innovation Awards are a great idea and I applaud MongoDB, Inc. for sponsoring them. However, as much as I’d like to believe TokuMX users have the same chance of winning a MongoDB Innovation Award as any other MongoDB user, I think I may safely assume that’s an unlikely scenario.  (It would be great if I’m wrong, but I’m not going to hold my breath.)

Anyway, like I said, the Innovation Awards are a great idea and that’s why we’ve decided to follow suit and offer a TokuMX Innovation Award program to recognize the MongoDB users who are innovating with TokuMX.

Let the nominations begin…

Nominate a TokuMX User 

Since its introduction one year ago in June, TokuMX™, the high-performance distribution of MongoDB from Tokutek®, has helped MongoDB users with the most challenging big data applications dramatically improve performance and significantly reduce hardware costs with unmatched database compression and write optimization.

Like the MongoDB Innovation Awards, the TokuMX Innovation Awards will recognize organizations and individuals with “groundbreaking deployments of MongoDB.” However, in this case of the awards will recognize MongoDB users who’ve overcome their performance or compression challenges with TokuMX.

Nominations are open to any individual representing an organization that runs TokuMX. There will be two awards: One for the TokuMX Performance Innovator and one for the TokuMX Compression Innovator.

The deadline to submit nominations is 12:00 noon eastern time on Friday, June 13th. Winners will be announced at a TokuMX Breakfast Meet-up happening at MongoDB World.

Each winner will receive:

  • An invitation to the TokuMX Scale Up & Slim Down Meet-up on June 25th
  • A TokuMX Innovation Award
  • Inclusion in a Tokutek press release, blog post and social media promotion related to the awards
  • A Walkera QR X350 RC Quadcopter

Please submit your nominations by completing a nomination form here: TokuMX Innovation Awards – Call for Nominations. You may nominate as many people/organizations as you like — and you can even nominate yourself.

If you prefer, you can also email your nomination suggestions or contact us with questions about the award program at

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