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Galera 3.5 for Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6 is now available

 | April 30, 2014 |  Posted In: MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster


Galera 3.5 improvements are now available for use with Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6.

Bugs fixed in Galera 3.5 include:

  • A crash due to of-by-one error in certification index cleanup has been fixed. Bugs fixed #1309227 and #1267507.
  • Fixed the corruption in gcache that could lead to a cluster crash. Bugs fixed #1301616 and #1152565.
  • Joining node crashed under IST when number of writesets was high and under load. Bug fixed #1284803.
  • Due to a bug in certification index cleanup, attempt to match against an empty key would cause node shutdown and possible node consistency compromise. Bug fixed #1274199.
  • New wsrep_provider_options option repl.max_ws_size has been introduced to make the maximum writeset size configurable. Bug fixed #1270921.

Users affected by these issues can now upgrade their Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6 deployments to use Galera 3.5 without having to upgrade other Percona XtraDB Cluster components. The updated Galera binaries are available in the Percona repositories.

All of Percona‘s software is open-source and free, all the details about this release can be found in the Galera 3.5 milestone at Launchpad.

Documentation for Percona XtraDB Cluster is available online along with the installation and upgrade instructions. We did our best to eliminate bugs and problems during the testing release, but this is a software, so bugs are expected. If you encounter them, please report them to our bug tracking system.



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