Percona Live 2014 Recap

The MySQL community continues to amaze me, everyone is friendly and always willing to answer questions and help others. It’s always nice to meet people in-person that I’ve met virtually in the last 12 months. Percona Live 2014 MySQL Conference and Expo in Santa Clara just wrapped up and I wanted to share my highlights of the event before I unplug for the weekend.

  • I heard several stories of people’s experiences with TokuDB, open sourcing 12 months ago has been a huge success for Tokutek. We have a growing community in our tokudb-user Google Group, please share your experiences and help others.
  • In his “Galera Cluster New Features” presentation, Sappo Jaakola of Codership revealed TokuDB Master-Slave clustering. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone implement a major feature for TokuDB revealed live in a presentation, great stuff!
  • Robert Hodges (Continuent) and I presented “Use Your MySQL Knowledge to Become an Instant MongoDB Guru” and “Use Your MySQL Knowledge to Become an Instant Cassandra Guru”, hopefully those who attended were inspired to learn more. Many thanks to all attendees and your questions.
  • My Birds of a Feather session titled “Extreme MySQL Performance” was a lot of fun. I expected about 1/2 the audience would share their performance numbers and give pro-tips on how they achieved them, and the rest would learn from their experiences. Instead, the first person to raise their hand was moving between two infrastructures and performance was poor on the new deployment. Over the next hour we took deep dives into all aspects of performance, and how to get the most out of everything possible. Thanks to everyone who showed up.

See you next year! (or maybe this November at Percona Live London 2014)

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