March 20 Webinar: How to Scale MySQL for Big Data Applications

You may think that you have to buy, install, and get up to speed on a new database if you want to work with large amounts of data, but you can do more than you think with the MySQL you already have.
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SPEAKER: Jon Tobin, Tokutek
DATE: Thursday, March 20th
TIME: 1pm ET

Without having to change your application or do special tuning you can increase performance and save significant time and money when you need to scale.

Join Tokutek’s Jon Tobin as he demonstrates how to use MySQL or MariaDB in Big Data applications by simply upgrading the storage engine with TokuDB, and how to effectively evaluate TokuDB for increased performance, compression and agility.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to dramatically increase performance without having to rewrite code
  • Tips for easily evaluating TokuDB with example use cases
  • How to optimize the use of your current MySQL hardware
  • How to change your schema online

The webinar will include all the information you will need to immediately amp up an existing MySQL or MariaDB application, or create a new one with TokuDB. The presentation will include a live Q&A session.


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