Tokutek and Percona Live 2014

I’ve been a little behind in recent blogging efforts, and realized that in less than a month we’ll be back at Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo 2014, aka PLMCE. Last year’s PLMCE was my first, as well as the event where Tokutek announced the open sourcing of TokuDB.

It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by, but the customer adoption in both enterprise and community users has been awesome. TokuDB is available from our website for both MySQL and MariaDB, and is also available directly from MariaDB and coming soon from Percona.

As for this year’s PLMCE, we’ve got a lot going on. I was a member of the conference committee (and didn’t realize how much work it was to review almost 400 talk submissions). Here are just some of the ways you can lean more about TokuDB (and TokuMX if you’re “MongoDB curious”).

  • Tokutek is again sponsoring the event, we’ll be in the exhibit hall and available to dive as deeply into the product as you dare. Be sure to stop by and share your MySQL pains.
  • On April 1 at 9:30a, John Tobin (our Sales Engineer) will present a 3-hour tutorial titled “Using TokuDB: A Guided Walk Through a TokuDB Implementation“. Bring your laptop and follow along, you’ll walk away with all the skills necessary to try out TokuDB’s performance, compression, and agility on your own workload.
  • On April 2 at 11:30a, Robert Hodges (Continuent) and I will present a refreshed version of “Use Your MySQL Knowledge to Become an Instant MongoDB Guru“. In 45 minutes we’ll explain the important MongoDB concepts in comparison to MySQL, and you’ll be on your way to Guru status.
  • On April 2 at 6:00p, I’m leading a Birds-of-a-feather session titled “Extreme MySQL Performance“. In my travels I often run into two types of MySQL users: those pushing the limits and those wishing they could. Facebook isn’t the only MySQL user with extreme throughput needs. Come to this session and do a little bragging, explain any trade-offs you’ve made along the way, and share the lessons learned. Or just come to see how others have achieved extreme-ness.
  • On April 3 at 2:00pm, Robert Hodges (Continuent) and I will present “Use Your MySQL Knowledge to Become and Instant Cassandra Guru“. As with our MongoDB version of this talk, spend 45 minutes coming up to speed on another popular NoSQL solution by using your MySQL experience.

So, if you can make the conference I highly recommend that you go and sign up immediately.

Want to meet up to learn more about TokuDB/TokuMX at the conference? I’ll be at the Hyatt on Monday afternoon and flying back late Friday night, email me at or find me at the conference. And please remember, I’m not Mark, and neither of us has nearly as much hair as we did in the following picture.


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