Percona Toolkit 2.1.11 is now available

Percona ToolkitPercona is glad to announce the release of Percona Toolkit 2.1.11 on March 4th, 2013 (Downloads are available here).

Bugs Fixed:
Fixed bug 1279502: –version-check behaves like spyware

The configuration for what information Percona Toolkit should retrieve is not hard-coded in the scripts. Instead, it is downloaded from One of the possible parameters was the name of a binary file to execute with “–version.” This was fixed by removing the ability to execute arbitrary binary files with the version parameter. You can find more information about the benefits of “version check” in the launch post for Percona Toolkit 2.2.
Fixed bug 1199589: pt-archiver deletes data despite –dry-run

In some cases pt-archiver would delete the data despite the –dry-run option.

All of Percona‘s software is open source and free, all the details of the release can be found in the Percona Toolkit 2.1.11 milestone at Launchpad. Bugs can be reported on the Percona Toolkit launchpad bug tracker.

Percona Toolkit for MySQL is a collection of advanced command-line tools used by Percona MySQL Support staff to perform a variety of MySQL server and system tasks that are too difficult or complex to perform manually, including:

– Verify master and replica data consistency
– Efficiently archive rows
– Find duplicate indexes
– Summarize MySQL servers
– Analyze queries from logs and tcpdump
– Collect vital system information when problems occur

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