How to avoid common (but deadly) MySQL development mistakes

How to avoid common (but deadly) MySQL development mistakes: WebinarMySQL software developers are under pressure to do more in less time and create applications that adapt to ever-changing requirements. And it’s true that some of a developer’s time is wasted when his or her method of optimizing involves trying every combination of code and index definition.

There is a better way. And next Wednesday at 10 a.m. Pacific time, I’ll show you how. In my webinar, “How to Avoid Common (but Deadly) MySQL Development Mistakes,” you’ll lean:

  • How to find out which indexes are the best fit for your MySQL application
  • How to protect yourself from the number one MySQL database security vulnerability on the web
  • How to decide when to optimize a MySQL database application with denormalization, indexes, caching, partitioning, sharding

You’ll step away from your computer afterward being more confident and ultimately more productive as you develop MySQL database-driven applications. Register now to reserve your spot (it’s free). The same link will give you access to the recording later.

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